All the skins are selected carefully.
The state of the art technology.
Our products made in Italy appreciated all over the world.
This is the best way to tell our story.

Conceria S. Biagio srl begins his story more than 30 years ago,
led by the absolute value of quality a value which is recognized in every choice, every detail, in every product brand VICENZA PELLI.
Each  piece is the result  of a meticulous engagement: the selection of the hides in their preparation, the study of shapes and colours.
Every details comes from a continuos searching in technique and style , from a couriousity which is nourished  by passion and by a careful look at trends all around the world.

Skilled mens who work with great harmony in a place of continuos innolvation; this is our business.
Here our philosophy of innovative quality takes shapes.

Each person who works in our tannery shared Vicenza pelli’s goal: make products more and more technically advanced, which are an expression of quality, beauty and the new! Thanks to the strong sinergy of our team works, we can achieve in every piece this precious goal!
The handcraft experience, result of a long family tradition, combined with the choice of using only the latest technology… everything helps us to overcome the limits of the material we use.


HORSY is the result which best rewards our efforts.

thanks to this product, “cavallini” doesn’t stop to the more traditional uses, but manages to express its great imagination and versatility in most different areas, from shoes to leathergoods, from clothing to upholstery.

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